Joe Martinez

Joe Martinez

To know Joe Martinez is to know the story of The Evolution of Disability Rights…  On August 23, 1977, Joe was in a devastating surfing accident. He survived, but ever since has lived with disability and over four decades in a power wheelchair.

Despite Joe’s catastrophic injury and humble urban upbringing in San Pedro, California, he was determined to make something with his life. He has achieved levels of success most able bodied people have only dreamed of in spite of (or he would argue because of) being a quadriplegic. He states, “I learned after my injury that it was up to me to make something of my life and never to settle.”

Fortunately for him and millions of other disabled Americans, at the time of his injury, the struggle for disability rights was being fought on the streets of America, laying the groundwork for a transformation that would bring hope, accessibility and functionality to millions one day.

That day came on July 26, 1990 with the passage of The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). When President George H.W. Bush signed the ADA into law, Joe found his calling: to open the doors to millions of disabled Americans by assisting businesses to understand and comply with ADA ordinances.

For decades, Joe Martinez has worked alongside attorneys, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, designers, executives, engineers, architects and government personnel learning the intricacies of ADA law and working with companies to ensure compliance.

In 2017, Joe revealed his life story in the documentary film Freedom to Roll that also chronicles the ongoing struggle for disability rights in America. The ADA serves not only as a backdrop for the documentary, but as the mission driving Joe Martinez and his new company.

Since production of Freedom to Roll, Mr. Martinez has assembled a dynamic team of individuals and partnerships to launch his latest venture, ADASupreme™.

ADASupremeis a Los Angeles-based B2B Access Advisers Consulting Firm that assists businesses to serve their disabled clientele, become ADA compliant, avoid expensive fines and law suits and preserve their bottom line.

Joe Martinez sums it up this way, “It’s very simple. We work to remove the physical barriers that separate businesses from people with disabilities… to benefit both parties and to benefit everyone. This ensures accessibility, freedom, good will and prosperity for all.”

ADA Supreme Team Members

Joe Martinez

Executive Director

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Geoffrey Straniere

Executive Director of Certified Accessibility Specialists

Trip Rems

Director of Website Compliance

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