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At ADA Supreme we offer compliance and legal services to help businesses, government agencies, and other organizations comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) both structurally and on the web. Our goal is to assist businesses of all sizes avoid frivolous lawsuits and protect bottom lines. In 2019 alone, more than 11,000 lawsuits were filed under Title III of the ADA. With stronger implementation of newer website compliance laws including WCAG 2.0/2,1 and Section 508 compliance, these lawsuits have hit a new battleground and are posing a threat to unassuming business owners and entrepreneurs. With all this, you need an ADA compliance coordinator for your business or venture. We have over 30 years of experience with accessibility rights and ADA laws and regulations, we are here to help circumvent these lawsuits while making sure your business is compliant and welcoming to all Americans.

On July 26, 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was officially signed into law. This landmark event marked the beginning of inclusion and accessibility for all. Before this historic event, millions of Americans were discriminated against in their everyday lives. Many of these Americans, along with staunch civil rights activists and lawyers, fought hard for many years to make sure that all people in America had equal access to all government accommodations, housing, and all businesses that rely on the public, no matter what their mental or physical capabilities were. This not only allowed for fair and equal rights, but it also boosted the economy by opening the door to millions of Americans with lots of purchasing power.

Why We Love What We Do

ADA Supreme was founded by our CEO Joe “pepe” Martinez. Joe is a quadriplegic lion of a man with a heart of gold that is on a mission to not only make sure all people have equal access in person and online, but to also make sure businesses are protected from frivolous lawsuits that can be avoided with the right guidance and care. Mr. Martinez, or Joe as his friends and colleagues call him, got in his accident on August 23, 1977 when he was surfing the Pacific coast one chilly morning catching some of the best waves. Joe has since then fought hard for civil rights and has become a successful businessperson, a loving family man, and proactive member of society.

Joe has put together a team of Accessibility compliance professionals, lawyers, and website developers to create the most respected and informed company in the industry. This team’s main goal is to protect the handicapped community by working with the private and public sectors to ensure they are compliant and practicing inclusion. This team of dedicated professionals make up what is ADA Supreme.


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What we do

ADA Coordination

Under ADA US Title III Public Accommodations, public businesses must be accessible to disabled individuals. Our professional ADA coordinator are vetted and assigned to each business client. Our staff are very well versed in all current laws. Each of our coordinators are either Certified Accessibility Specialist (CASp) or work hand in hand with in-house CASp inspectors. Allowing you to have the peace of mind that every service we offer and recommendation we give is backed by professional insight by certified industry professionals and our legal staff. This not only protects you from unwanted expenses but also allows you to show the public and your customers that you care about being inclusive to all people. A CASp is also selected and immediately assigned to the client to produce the initial diagnosis of the client’s subject commercial property under ADA US Title III Public Accommodations.

Website Accessibility Services

ADA Supreme helps government organizations, businesses, non-profits, and others follow current and ongoing Web Content Accessibility (WCAG) guidelines. Our team is always up to date and on the cutting edge of technology related to ADA website compliance. Our website accessibility audits can help you identify what issues your site may have that can be a red flag and hinder your compliance, think of it as an ADA Compliance checker. We also offer in-house training and guidance to teach your staff how to make sure your website is compliant for the years to come. With so many updates we can stay with your company as a continued consultant. We can also give your site an accessibility certificate that comes with an evaluation report, so you know exactly what is going on. This service can be paired with ongoing monitoring of your site.

Legal Support

Let us face it, when it comes to anything that has to do with the public lawsuits are nearby, an ADA lawsuit is no exception. At ADA Supreme we have an in-house legal team of lawyers and paralegals ready to protect and guide all our clients. Our goal is always to have an amicable resolution with minimal costs and impact on finances on both sides. With legal staff located on both the West coast and East coast, ADA Supreme is the premier accessibility consultant.

Virtual In House ADA Coordinator (VIC’s)

Modern technologies have allowed us to help many more clients with there accessibility. Especially with the current world events, this is perfect for many companies and municipalities. With video services advancing from many different companies like Zoom, Google, and more we are able to be right there with our clients guiding them to be completely accessible to all. Our clients love this service and some even prefer it over face to face meetings, saving time and allowing them to do what they need to do. Go ahead, focus on business as usual and let ADA Supreme be your virtual in-house coordinator. If you are a small business and run everything yourself, we can be in communication directly with you. If you are representing a larger corporation or a local government agency, we can guide any staff member and help them be up to date and very informed about current and future policies and regulations.

Where We Are Located

Headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles, ADA Supreme is centered in the hub of commerce, politics, and forward thinking. Located just blocks away from the Los Angeles court houses, we make sure to keep our fingers on the pulse of what is new with the ADA. Even though we are proud to be from Los Angeles we are also located on the web to make sure that we have a strong and visible presence to people all over United States. Having virtual availability to all our clients is something we are striving for. We take this seriously so we can keep up with the current times and climate of todays business strategies. This allows us to make sure we can consult our clients on ADA laws and compliance no matter where they are, in person or online.

ADA Supreme Campaigns

ADA Supreme is always active and present not only for our customers but also to the community at large. With roots in civil rights activism and business small and large, we have the perfect mix of love for the community and a deep understanding of commerce. Our campaigns that we run focus on both important ingredients; a thriving community for all and successful business commerce for all.
Here are some of our current and future campaigns.