Legal Support

Since 1990, ADA Supreme CEO and Founder Joe Martinez, a seasoned veteran in accessibility law, has proven the concept of achieving amicable resolutions outside the court system. It is no longer an idea but a rigorously tested, tried and true strategy.

ADA Supreme prevents vexatious and frivolous serial litigants from non-meritorious claims against businesses and their families.

The first line of defense ADA Supreme provides is our in-house paralegals – to cost effectively mitigate and swiftly resolve in-progress cases. As qualified paralegals are the obvious solution to stop the high cost of unnecessary attorney fees, we also have a database of professional ADA attorneys ready to defend our clients if needed.

With a focus on amicably settling lawsuits filed, saving clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process, our legal team will fight tooth and nail to provide proactive preventive solutions, fairness and justice.