During Disability Awareness Month, ADA Supreme Calls Out Hate Speech


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ADA Supreme™, a Los Angeles-based B2B access consulting firm, whose mission is to uphold the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) while assisting businesses to become ADA compliant, was appalled to hear a recent hate-filled speech targeting the disability community and American Airlines.

The speech aired on the September 16, 2019 broadcast of the Petros and Money Show on KLAC-AM (AM 570, FOX Sports Radio), a major broadcast radio station in Los Angeles that produces a Dodgers pregame show and NFL commentary.

The two radio hosts, Petros Papadakis and Mike “Money” Smith, mocked and spoke disparagingly towards disabled people, as in these two quotes from the show, as in these two quotes from the  show, “I want to say FU American Airlines…” and “I will kick the crutches from a cripple to get into my car five minutes early.”

ADA Supreme™ has reached out to American Airlines, the Department on Disability for the City of Los Angeles, and numerous disability advocacy groups to form a coalition that will oppose this type of hate-speech used over the airwaves of the second largest broadcast market in the country.

“As we acknowledge just how far we have come during National Disability Awareness Month, we must also take a stand against hate-speech like this one targeting our community. The disabled population is the last civil rights group whose rights have yet to be fully realized as evident with this  rant on a major radio station,” states ADA Supreme™ CEO and founder, Joe Martinez. He continues, “More importantly, we cannot allow hate speech like this that condones using violence towards disabled people or any other group. We must all vehemently oppose it and stand proudly together.”


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